Uninstaller is a Mac OS X native software that allows you to uninstall applications or just find changes made in a disk or folder by taking snapshots of file system hierarchy and comparing them between two dates.

Requirements: An Intel Mac computer running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or better.

Older versions of Uninstaller which run with older versions of MacOS X are available on demand.

Languages: English, French


Fast, Robust, Optimized

Uninstaller is built with the latest Mac OS X technologies and uses the more efficient APIs to run as fast and secure as possible. Uninstaller use two different scan engines regarding the kind of support to index to allow the fastest scan possible.

Index Everything

Uninstaller can be launched in root mode, with administrator privileges, to index and find later changes in ALL files present on disks including invisible ones and those located in user forbidden locations.

Open, Save, Export

Uninstaller allows you to edit, save and re-open lists of new, modified and removed items for later use. Indexes can also be exported to allow browsing, searching and advanced comparisons.

Find Everything

Unlike other uninstall applications, Uninstaller is the only software which can find ALL changes made on a disk between two dates. This is related to the way Uninstaller works: taking and comparing file system hierarchy snapshots instead of doing hazardous searches from some filenames in fixed locations.

Archive, Restore

Uninstaller can archive and restore items to create installers, allow future re-installations or prevent mistakes before deleting items.

Create Uninstall Shell Scripts

Uninstaller can create uninstall shell scripts which will remove a particular set of files when executed. This allows you to create a quick uninstaller bound to a particular software or automate uninstalls for computer administrators.